Fix it or Sell as is?

Which is the best for your bottom line? So you have decided that it is time to put your home on the market. Either you need to move for your job or any number of  reasons. There’s one issue though. Your home is not in Prime Condition. Do you make the repairs before listing your […]

August Bronx Real Estate Sales

115 Properties Sold in the Bronx in 31 Days! 31 Single Family Homes Average Sales Price was $362,990 16 Condos Average Sales Price was $306,938 24 Coops Average Sales Price was $175,667 46 Multi family homes Average Sales Price was $406,000 – $470,000 1 Commercial Property Average Sales Price was $600,000 This has proven to be a very […]

NYC Politics and Real Estate

Politics impact on Real Estate It’s that time of the year. If you’ve opened your mailbox lately you have most likely seen the increase in political mailings from candidates running for various public offices. From local City Council, Boro President, Public Advocate, City Comptroller and of course the most coveted prize in NYC Politics, Mayor. […]

Bronx Real Estate Trends

  Market Update Over the past 30 days there has been a lot of activity in the Bronx Real Estate Market. Over 116 Properties were sold. The break down of sales are as follows.   Single Family Homes - 28 Single Family Homes were Sold . Average Sales Price was $342,964 & 187 Days on the […]

Secret to Buying a Home Today.

How to Buy a Home Before the end of Summer There is no magic to this secret. It just highlights the benefit of being decisive. It is normal to procrastinate with something as major as buying a home. But if you no longer want to throw your money away by renting and want to start […]

Mortgage Rates Update

They Keep on Rising The days of record low mortgage rates might be history. Over the past few years home buyers have had an amazing opportunity to purchase a home for a price that hasn’t been seen in recent memory and mortgage rates that have been hovering at record lows for a long time. But […]

SSS / Summer Selling Season

Now that the school year is coming to a close, home buyers will be out in masses searching for their next home. This is traditionally the top of the Peak Season for Real Estate Transactions. It makes sense since most deals take 45 to 60 days to come to a close. So what can a […]

10 Real Estate Tax Deductions

It’s Tax Time The 2013 tax deadline is quickly approaching. In this article you will find 10 Real Estate Tax Deductions Home Owners get to take advantage of. The tax laws change on a yearly basis depending on what happens in Congress and Tax Advice should always be sought from a Qualified Tax Professional. As […]

Real Estate News Update

Real Estate News Update In order to keep you up to date on Real Estate, I will now be providing snippets of news stories with links to some of the most trustworthy news sources for you to stay informed. Don’t forget to search for Bronx Real Estate. FHA Premiums increasing Government backed loans have been […]

21.5% Interest Rate / Record High Rates

Interest Rates News It was December 19, 1980. Interest rates rose to a record high of 21.5%. The late 70′s to mid 80′s saw double digit interest rates. This was a time of true economic crisis where purchasing real estate was truly only a dream. So what does it mean for the real estate market […]