Buying a Bronx Co-op / Bronx Coops for Sale

Bronx Coops for Sale

Coops have many advantages.  Unlike a Single Family home or Multi family home, they require less maintenance. Maybe you lead a very busy lifestyle between work, family and looking for time to breathe. Do you want to be responsible for shoveling the driveway? Mowing the lawn? Fixing the roof? Remembering to pay your property taxes? Water Taxes? And the countless other responsibilities tied to home ownership? If not then owning shares in a Coop might make sense.  You get the benefit of owning a home like Appreciation, Tax Deductions and the Pride of home ownership, without all the responsibilities.

Now everyone has heard that the monthly maintenance charges for Coops are astronomical. But are they really? Take this into account. The building is assessed taxes and those taxes are split between each share holder.  The taxes are then automatically put into your monthly charges. Example: a condo might have a $500 per month maintenance charge but you then have to pay the taxes on top of that.  A Coop might have an $800 monthly maintenance charge but the taxes are already included.

Now for the Dreaded interview:  The key is to prepare for a Coop interview as you would prepare for a job interview.  This is important because you are more likely to live in your Coop for a longer period of time than you are to stay at the same job.  That means you should actually prepare harder for the Coop Interview.

This is just a small preview of how to buy a Bronx Coop and How to prepare for the Coop Interview.  Searching for Bronx Coops for sale? For more info Click Here.

Joel Rivera
RE/MAX Agent