Selling Bronx Real Estate

Real Estate seems pretty cut and dry right? I mean you have a home that you want to sell so you put up a sign and someone who wants to buy it knocks on your door or calls the number on the sign and there you have it, the home is sold. If only it were that easy. Check out our Blog Post on Selling a Bronx Home. Click Here.

As a Realtor my primary job is not as a Real Estate Agent. My real job is as a Real Estate Marketer. I am in the business of Marketing Real Estate so that the largest amount of buyers know about your home and call to make an appointment to view your home.

It is a fact that if you have the best home but it isn’t properly positioned where buyers are looking, then more often than not your home will not sell. This means that homes that might not be as good as yours will sell faster if they are Marketed better.

How do I market Real Estate
There are various tools and strategies that I use to Market Bronx Real Estate.

Online Marketing

Home Featured on
Home Featured on our Real Estate Blog
Home Featured on Trulia
Home Featured on Zillow
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Home Featured on Keller Williams Real Estate Site
Home Featured on Craigslist
Besides marketing your home on some of the largest Real Estate sites online I also use social media as part of my marketing efforts. My social media reach is by far one of the largest of others in my field.

Facebook Reach 2500+
Twitter 200+
LinkedIN 700+
Google+ Building a Following
Pinterest 80+
ActiveRain (Realtors Social Media)
Agents Online
Real Town
And More
The benefit of promoting your home on the various social media sites mentioned above is obvious. Social Media is a major part of online marketing. Our following is large which allows us the opportunity to promote your home to those who might not be searching on the other major Real Estate sites. You might have heard of the the term “6 degrees of seperation” this means that it all becomes about who knows who and in your case who knows someone interested in buying a home just like yours.

88 percent of buyers start their search online. That doesn’t mean that I start and finish marketing real estate online. Part of my marketing strategy is to reach out and talk to people. A good old fashioned street campaign has proven to be highly effective, yet most don’t use this strategy. Networking with Movers and Shakers is also a major part of my strategy.

Open Houses are also part of what I do. There are three types of open houses.

A Brokers Open is where I promote your home to other Real Estate Agents and Brokers. The purpose of this is simple. The average agent or broker works with up to 4 buyers. I leverage my marketing by reaching out to others that might have a buyer for your home.

Public Open House is simply inviting the public to take a tour of your home and making it an event.

Neighborhood Open House is similar to a Public Open House but is solely for your neighbors. The benefit to this is that your neighbors might have family or friends that are looking to move in the neighborhood.

Facts about Selling a Bronx home
There are currently thousands of Bronx homes for sale right now.
The competition is great.
Pricing a home correctly requires a tremendous amount of information that the average person might not have access to.
Most people work for a living. Marketing the sale of your home is a full-time job and requires someone who can market your home full-time.
If you get an offer do you accept it?
Can you compare the offer to the current trends in sales?
Do you want to take a guess on whether an offer is good when Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars are on the line?
Which Realtor do you chose? The answer is simple. The one that can market your home and get it sold.
Using BronxPad and me as your Realtor can get you a Neighborhood Specific Strategy of how to market your Bronx home for sale in today’s market and Maximize the final Selling Price of your home. Imagine having your home featured right here on BronxPad for all potential buyers to view. Don’t be a needle in the Bronx Haystack!

For the latest on Bronx Real Estate save BronxPad to your favorite websites folder.

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